Guest Blog for AWS!

Check out my guest blog on the Anacostia Watershed Society website!


If you care, check out Greater DC Cares!

One of the cool things about my project is that I have gotten to meet other people who care about volunteering to help the environment. When I was at the Anacostia Watershed Society tree planting I met a guy named Tom who is in the Navy and was at the tree planting to log volunteer hours. He told me about a really cool website called Greater DC Cares, which I wanted to share with you all.
If you click on the “Get Involved” tab you can do a quick search for what you want to volunteer with, where you want to go, whether you need the event to be Metro accessible, and a variety of other search options. I searched for environment opportunities in DC that are Metro accessible, and I found 8 options instantly!
You can also sign up as a member of Greater DC Cares, which only took me about 5 minutes to do. If you want to become an active member you must attend an orientation, which takes 20-minutes online. Once you are an active member you can take advantage of the Greater DC Cares calendar of volunteer events that fit your skill set and interests. The opportunities really are endless, so Greater DC Cares is a great way to find volunteer opportunities that fit your volunteering goals.