Helping the Environment AND the Economy: Weatherize DC

Guess what! I discovered yet another cool environmental organization in DC: Weatherize DC. I interviewed Ayla Schlosser, a field organizer at Weatherize DC. Below is some of the information I learned in the interview, but I highly recommend that you find out more about this amazing organization at their website:

Weatherize DC was founded in 2009 by a bunch of people who had just gotten done working on the Obama campaign. They founded Weatherize DC to address both the environmental and economic issues that the U.S. faces today. Weatherize DC aggregates homeowners around the common goals of spurring economic development and improving energy efficiency. The organization provides support to homeowners and helps them work together get to discounts from contractors that weatherize homes. Not only does the program help improve energy efficiency, but it also encourages contractors to create more jobs. Ayla explained that Weatherize DC has been able to balance market, social justice, and environmental goals through this innovative program.

Here are some ways college students can get involved:

-Sign up to canvas in local neighborhoods to raise awareness about energy efficiency.

-Join the Weatherize DC volunteer team, which meets regularly to plan outreach events in the community.

-Weatherize DC currently has three students interning with them, so contact Ayla to find about more about these internships.

Check out Weatherize DC’s website and contact Ayla Schlosser at <> if you would like to get involved.

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