I’m going to miss D.C.!

Hey everyone, I’m sad to say this will be my last blog post here, at least for now. My time in D.C. is coming to an end. I have really enjoyed my semester in D.C., and writing this blog has allowed me to participate in so many volunteer events and meet so many people who are passionate about the environment. I’m amazed at how much I did this semester, and how much there is still left to do! I wouldn’t be surprised if I decide to live in DC again someday. Who knows, maybe I’ll start up the blog again then!!

Here are just a few of the organizations I didn’t get a chance to visit and blog about. Feel free to come back to this blog to use it as a resource to jump-start your volunteering experience in DC. I hope I inspired you to get more involved in environmental activism and take advantage of all the amazing opportunities DC has to offer. Thanks for reading!

Common Good City Farm: http://commongoodcityfarm.org/

Clean Water Fund: http://www.cleanwaterfund.org/

Casey Trees: http://www.caseytrees.org/

DC Department of Parks and Recreation: http://dpr.dc.gov/DC/DPR

Earth Conservation Corps: http://www.ecc1.org/ECChome/home.html

Food and Water Watch: http://www.foodandwaterwatch.org/

Friends of the National Arboretum: http://www.fona.org/

Rock Creek Conservancy: http://www.rockcreekconservancy.org/

National Parks Conservation Association: http://www.npca.org/

National Zoological Park: http://nationalzoo.si.edu/

River Network: http://www.rivernetwork.org/

The Student Conservation Association: http://www.thesca.org/

Oceana: http://na.oceana.org/


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